The Brewer's Companion is designed to be a working tool and a ready reference book for the serious homebrewer. Information from historical sources, homebrewing experience and the modern brewing industry are combined in a form that is both clear and readily accessible, with numerous charts, tables and graphs.

Emphasis is on the tools needed to formulate recipes that put the brewer's wishes into a liquid form. Included are sections on brewing history, beer styles, malt, hops, water, yeast and equipment, plus much more. A series of brewing worksheets make record-keeping easier.

- Easy photographic get-started guide

- Detailed beer style charts

- Beer color prediction tools

- Hop bitterness calculation charts

- Hop and grain analysis charts

- Worksheets for different levels of brewers

- Water mineral information and worksheet

- Detailed mash procedure charts

- Off-flavors and spoilage organism charts

- Troubleshooting guide

The Brewer's Companion

By Randy Mosher
Foreword by Charles Finkel
Revised Second Edition, 1995
224 pages, 8.5" x 11", softcover
ISBN 0-9640410-1-4

Alephenalia Publications, Seattle WA

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"The technical brewing workbook for serious homebrewers."
- All About Beer

"A spectacular resource for homebrewers and microbrewers alike. Worthwhile reference for any beer lover...Fascinating reading. Good research, delivered with a sense of humor."
- Beer, The Magazine

"I have a new favorite homebrew book that will accompany me to the brewhouse (spell it g-a-r-a-g-e) every time I brew. It's The Brewer's Companion by Randy Mosher."
- Southern Draft Beer News



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