Here are some sites I found useful in researching Radical Brewing. I will make a reasonable effort to keep things updated, but the Web world changes quickly, so you should not be surprised to find some dead links among the living. Some of these sites range pretty far afield from brewing, but offer much interesting background material. Many are in foreign languages. Some useful information can be extracted with Google's translation feature or by using one of the translation services listed below.



Peter Crombecq's Benelux-beerguide

Dutch Breweries (and all the beers they brew)

Dannys Trappist Biersite

Beer Church Home Page

Beer & Ale

WWW Virtual Library: Beer & Brewing - Publications

Chem. Senses -- Grosch 26 (5): 533

The On-Line Guide to Belgian Beer - Beer Styles

BIER.START.BE - De site met alle bierlinks in...

Welcome to

The Trouble with German Beer

Grote Nederlandse Bier Encyclopedie

Leipzig Pub Guide: the best beer pubs and bars

VogelbrŠu -Homepage-

Riedenburger Brauhaus - finest ecological beer

Recipe list

La Belgique dans votre assiette - tout savoir...

Flip, a truly American alcoholic drink

brewery / breweries / microbreweries - Chicago


Eurequa Poland - The principles of brewing

BMG - Understanding Malt Analysis Sheets -- H...

Brewing in 1911

Beer Brewing; The Art and Science - Water

Carbon water filter to clean bathing and drinking water

Flavor Lexicon

Food Science Central from IFIS Publishing

Beer's Law - Theoretical Principles


North Country Malt Supply

Weyermann Malz Bamberg

Welcome to Cargill Malt

Briess Malting Company, Products

Alternative Wheat Cereals as Food Grains

Types Of Wheat

Cereal Breeeding Research Darzau - Einkorn

Nutrition content of Amaranth, Buckwheat, Millet


NRDC Technology offer-INVERT SUGAR (SYRUP)

SKIL - History of Sugar

A short history of British Sugar

Molasses Recipes and Information

International Molasses Product List

Class III Caramels (E150c)

Food Processing - Caramel color: the science ...

D.D. Williamson - Solutions - Colouring the World

USDA Named Hop Variety Descriptions

Joh Barth & Sohn: Agronomy & Processing - Hop...

Seven Bridges Cooperative (organic brewing materials)

Understanding Brettanomyces by Tom Ostler

Beer - Wine Yeasts From Wyeast Laboratories

White Labs Pure Brewers Yeast

AEM -- Abstracts: Esteve-Zarzoso Sherry Yeasts

White Wine 4 Week Juice Concentrates

Fruit Tree Collecting - North American Fruit Explorers

Late July to Early August Harvest

Cherry Bibliography

Phoenix dactylifera/Date palm

Welcome to the Home of the California Rare Fruit Growers

First FAO Electronic Conference on Tropical Fruit

Pumpkin Nutrient Content - Nutrition

Southwest Agave Project

Food Facts & Trivia: Bergamot Orange

Welcome to Himalaya Herbal Healthcare

Entrez-PubMed: Pennyroyal

Purdue Crop Index (Exhaustive)

Samorini_Festi/Ledum palustre

National Lime Association FAQs

Yahoo! Directory B2B > Chemicals and Allied...

Michael Moore - SW School of Botanical Medici...

DW 91 Sweet Gale pure natural distillate wate...

Heather family

Circle K Ranch Dried Fruit (Muscat raisins!)

Celtic Herbs

Gernot Katzer's Spice Dictionary (Great Site!)

Plant Profile for Teucrium canadense

The Truth about thujone

Teucrium marum


US FDA GRAS List - The Online Store Search Engine

Nutrition health foods dietary supplements

Amomum melegueta (syn. Aframomum melegueta)

Lobaria pulmonaria

Lichen Use Sorted by Type of Use


Beer, Beer & More Beer

Banner Equipment Company

Action Village, Inc. (Paintball CO2 tanks)

Making the most of the daily grind

BEER HISTORY - Historical Text - The Brewer

Wine & Winemaking In Ancient Egypt

Fredrick Accum

Meyers Konversationslexikon

James Sumner's Web Presence (Great site!)

Word History Notes Index. The American Heritage...

Beer & Brewery and Beer History

The West Bier Site


England, Literature, and the Pub

The Food Timeline - Historical Text - The Brewer

Bierbrouwen in Hilvarenbeek John Bickerdyke: The Curiosities of Ale and Beer

ŇThe Origins and Ancient History of WineÓ (Great site!)

Internet History of Science Sourcebook

A timeline of the history of botany, agriculture

Chronlogy of "The Parliamentary Debates"

Physical evidence for the antiquity of Cannabis

Beer History Library

First Hand Accounts of Virginia, 1575-1700

Monticello Report: Jefferson and Beer

Research Centre for the History of Food and Drink (Great site!)

Brewing History: Glossary

History of Signs

Hop history from the National Hop Association

Tabernaemontanus (17th cent.German writer)


Alcohol in East Africa

Gold of the Aqllakuna articles

Northvegr: The Northern Way

Bijzondere bieren; HHBier

Fermented cereals a global perspective

Shakparo: a Traditional West African Sorghum Beer

Southwest Agave Project

Millet beer in East Africa

Forsburg Lab pombe Pages: Introduction


The Library of Babylon

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Main Page

Arkeologi och historia

‚atalhšyźk Excavations

Sumerian Language Page

British Archaeology, no 27, September 1997: News

The Funnel Beaker Culture (TRB)

Ur- und Fruehgeschichte -- Praehistorische...

Ancient Poems, Ballads and Songs of the Peasants

Sumerian Glossary

Origins / Links

McClung Museum - Treasures from the Royal Tomb...

Yahoo! Ancient Middle East

Research: Marijke van der Veen: School of Arc...

CSP - "Eleusis: Journal of Psychoactive Plant...

Alkohol im alten Orient

Sumerian Beer


Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.

Brewing and Beverages Links

Geschichte der Nahrungsmittel - mittelalter

Middelaldergruppen Lancearii




Apiservices - Beekeeping/Books - The rock art...

New Zealand Honey Producers Co-op Ltd.

Dansk Mjżd A/S

Value-added products from beekeeping

The Mead Maker's Page

HMF in Honey - References

Mead made complicated

Varietal of the Month

Honey Locator

L'hydre au miel : dŽgustation de l'hydromel


Note 25 - Flavor and Aroma in Natural Bee Honey

Jan Tempelman's Honey Page (Dutch)


Raudins Publishing: Brewing and Distilling Books

BeerInnPrint Beer & Brewing Books UK - The cookbook specialist...

Abebooks--50 million books: Used, Rare, and...

Book Daemon Catalog V

Early English Books Online Text Creation Part...

The Online Books Page

Case Western University Library

Rare Books and Manuscripts Philadelphia Rare & Out-Of-Print

Questia Subscription Options

Cindy Renfrow Author of books on ancient food & drink


Breweriana collectors webside and emailadress

Danish Labels: Netiket (Great site!)

Beuhbaba's Beer Collection - Etiquettes de biere

Antique German, Bohemian and Low Countries Glass

Scandinavian, crafts, gifts, food

Ragweed Forge catalog

B.E.S (Belgian Label Service)

Antique Soda And Beer Bottles - Shapes

John Wilson Antiques

Somervale Antiques, Specialists in 18th and 19th Century glass

Kr‡lovsk‡ hutõ - Royal Glassworks

B.O.I.S. Catalogue Imitation of historical glass

Cellarius - RuŹn“ vyr‡b“nŽ repliky historickŽ...

Norman C. Heckler and Company ~ Antique, Bottles

New York State Tip Trays

Ale -champagne glasses


Old World & Medieval Measurements

Sizes, grades, units, scales, calendars...

Convert Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Rankine ...

Units: C

Book of Yields

Units: F



AltaVista's Babel Fish Translation Service

Convert Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Rankine

Fahrenheit to Celsius Converter

Munich University German-English "LEO"

Foreign Language Translation Services Available


keuterling - Deutsch English

German - English On-line Dictionary