Complete Recipes, Most with All-Grain and Extract Versions:

[Your Name Here]--Your First Radical Brew
Tire-Biter Bitter
Bambi's Best Blonde Ale
Mister Squinty Contemporary Summer Ale
Summer Ale, What-if Version, c. 1830
Wee Twinkling Winkie Scottish Sparkling Ale
Telltale Ale--American Sparkling Ale
Rye PA
IRA--India Red Ale
Belgian-American IPA
Jaggery Pale Ale
India Cream Ale
Vatted Stale IPA
Old Nut Case Brown Ale
Stout Butt Beer, 1720
1776 Porter
1850 Export Porter
Modern British 'Mild' or Brown Porter
Modern American 'Robust' Porter
Fundamental Stout + 12 variations
Polka Dot Pilsner
Monk-y Business
Munich Dunkel
Doktor Schnurrbart Schwarzbier
Yellow Diamond Belgian Pale Ale
Fallen Angel Strong Pale
Saisoon Buffoon
Hoosonfurst Abbey Singel
Two Bits Abbey Dubbel
Three-Nipple Tripel
Dragon's Milk October Beer
My Old Flame Barley Wine
Running Dog Imperial Pale Ale
Ignoble Doble-Doble
Towards a Portlike Beer
Garden of Wheat'n Bavarian Weizen
Hose Your Nose Gose
Electric Aunt Jemima Maple Buckwheat Ale
Amazing Daze American Wheat Beer
Pink Menace Red Rice Pils
Dick's Elixir Wheat Porter
Pudgy McBuck's Celebrated Cocoa Porter
Chocolate Mint Stout
Christmas Ale
Twelve Beers of Christmas:
4. Spiced Dunkel Weizenbock
5. Juniper Rye Bock
6. Fruitcake Old Ale
Chai Brown Ale
Black Pepper Porter
Mister Boing Boing Cherry Barley Wine
"London Ale" Adapted from John Tuck, 1822
Dark Night Tangerine Porter
Ray Spangler's Pumpkin Spice Beer
Smoked Habanero Amber Lager
Reishi Sumo Stout
Chaga Sahti
A Thousand Saints Truffle Tripel
Nirvana Chanterelle Ale
Hoppy Amber Wit
Abbey Weiss
Pilsner Wine
Wheat Wine
Graetzer, Real Version
Graetzer, Cheater's Version
Dingelheimer's Lichtenhainer
Black Ship Pirate Stout
Big Stinky & Little Stinky: a Parti-Gyle Recipe
Thomas Vista's Hop God Ale
Wit Guy White Ale
Nit-Wit Strong Wit
Claude of Zeply Amber Strong Wit
Major Blankety-Blank India Wit Ale
Wyse Foole Wit Wine
This Old Barrel Flanders Sour Brown Ale
Lambic Do It To It Gruit
Heather Ale
Devon White Ale
Kvick Kvality Kvass
Giant Ale of Cerne Abbas
"Oh, Your Highness" Windsor Ale
Welsh Ale, c 1800
Kotbuesser Voyage Etrange (French Export beer, c 1800)
Sweet Lips Colonial Ale
Thomas Jefferson's Pale Ale
Pennsylvania Swankey "Call Me Al" --The Mead of Al Kindi
Chuck's Atomic Fireball Mead
Crancrabapple Mead
"Phunny You Don't Look Phrygian" Raisin Honey Beer
Bronze Age Bragot
An English Bragot, c. 1500
Buckwheat Honey Black Beer

"A Perfect Ten" Wheaten Honeywine
Ruby You Hot Little...Schwarzbracket
Crystal Malt Old Bracket
Carinthian Steinbier

Variations or Abbreviated Recipes:

Fifty-Fifty American Pale Ale
Indian Popcorn Ale
Wild Rizen Wild Rice ESB
Triticale Tripel
Oatmeal Cookie Ale
Springtime Herbed Ale
Twelve Beers of Christmas:
1. Caramel Quadrupel
2. Spiced Cherry Dubbel
3. Saffron Tripel
7. Christmas Gruit
8. Honey Ginger IPA
9. Crabapple Lambicky Ale
10. Gingerbread Ale
11. Spiced Bourbon Stout
12. Abbey Weizen
Headless Horseman Pumpkin Barley Wine
Holy Mole Bock
Chipotle Parched Corn Amber Ale
Toffee Ale

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